About Northwest Acutonics

Join us in this exploration 

“My teaching encourages students to embrace the depth, wisdom, and mysticism inherent in this ancient healing tradition, while inspiring¬† students to integrate this with their creative passion and intentions in this medicine path.”

Learning together

Our program equips you with essential Acutonics skills and fosters a deeper understanding of holistic healing, promoting profound positive changes. Engage with our welcoming community as you embark on a transformative journey of growth and learning, supported by like-minded individuals committed to your success. Experience the power of sound healing and its potential to enhance well-being for yourself and those you serve. Join us and transform your life through the wisdom of Acutonics.

Our Approach 

Integrating Knowledge

Merge various concepts from the curriculum to form a comprehensive understanding to add to your personal or professional practice.

Practical Application

Apply your newfound knowledge through interactive discussions, hands-on activities, and insightful exercises.

Enriched Learning

Enhance your learning experience with supplemental videos, hands-on demonstrations, and recommended readings

Self-paced Progress

Utilize online tools and resources to facilitate independent study and continue learning beyond our weekly meetings.


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