Carmens' rideshare page

Would love some help with rides to and from appointments.
Hello everyone, I am 3 weeks post shoulder surgery, and in a sling not able to drive till the end of January. During this time I would love to get help with transportation to and from my doctors appointments.
I’m looking for a ride to the village on the days I have physical therapy. My appointments are approximately one hour . The time posted includes the appointment and travel time. Please plan on picking me up at the time posted.
I am also looking for a ride to Bellingham on January 15th (not posted on this calendar, please contact me directly) There is a 10:20am Lopez only boat that we can take. My appointment is at 1:30pm and will last about an hour. We can stop at Bar Cicotti or Storia Cucina for lunch, my treat.
Take a look at the calendar below and see if any of the times will work for you. Click on the time slot and fill in your name, email and phone number, and I will be in touch.
I really appreciate your time and help, and look forward to spending some time with you.